Convention Rules

Liberty City Anime Con is the best anime convention in New York City, and is run by-fans and for-fans. Run by dedicated anime fans, our aim is to offer you the largest, most memorable event to ever hit the big apple. First held in 2015, LCAC has grown spectacularly every year, and is now the biggest and best convention for anime fans in New York.


When is the convention?

August 27 - 29, 2021 in Times Square!

How can I attend?
To attend the convention, you need your "badge" which signifies your ability to enter the event. By registering, you are purchasing a ticket to attend our annual conference promoting Asian arts, manga, culture, and more. You need to bring your ID or your emailed confirmation to the convention to pick up your badge/ticket at the convention. We don't mail these to you.

Can I join staff or volunteer?
We are looking for exceptionally dedicated individuals to help out during the convention. If you can dedicate your whole convention towards creating a fun experience for others, then we invite you to apply via this form and we'll let you know where we need your help. All staff for LCAC are volunteers for the weekend.

What kind of events should I expect?
We will have cosplay contests, nightly dances, anime screenings, musical performances, panel discussions, lectures and talks on anime and the industry, and much more. LCAC is more than a tradeshow, and doesn't simply end when the exhibit hall closes, but we run all day long throughout the weekend. Come to celebrate the love of reading manga and the entire anime world!

What is your prop weapons policy?
Click here for the convention rules.

How can I contact the convention?
Click here to send a message.

Who organizes the convention?
The convention is organized by Liberty City Anime Con, Inc., a non-profit corporation formed in the state of New York.

What is the goal of the convention?
Our goal is to promote Japanese manga, anime, and culture and encourage people to read more manga. Our belief is that more people should be exposed to the awesomeness that is manga and anime at an early age.

Are there convention forums to participate in?
Yes, click here for the forum.

What are the convention's future plans?
Our plan is to add more Japanese content creators and guests as the convention grows, creating an awesome convention that is focused on promoting Japanese anime, manga, and culture. We hope to redefine the fun of a convention and be one of the most influential anime events in the world. We hope you will join us in our goal to spread the love of anime and manga.

Are my tickets tax deductible?
Your purchase of a registration for the convention is not deductible under IRS 501(c)3, because you are receiving something of fair value for your admission purchase. Donations to Liberty City Anime Con Inc. are tax-deductible only if they are gifts for the benefit of the organization and it's mission and you don't receive anything of value in return.

What kind of vendors/artists are there?

All kinds, selling anime merchandise, plushies, figures, and much more. We want to offer a wide variety.

How do I get my badge?

After you register, simply show up with an ID. The badge is assigned to your name.

What are autographs like?

Simply line up for the guest you want to meet in enough time to get their autograph. Some guests have limits.

Who runs panels?

Panels are run by both fans and our guests of honor, depending on the panel.

Who are the staff?

The staff are all volunteers local to the area! We are proud to have some incredibly dedicated volunteers join us every year to put on a great show.

Are there arcade games?

Yes, certainly!

Who are the guests?

Guests can change every year, and are mostly voice actors in English dubbed anime, and sometimes performers, artists, and more. We're working to expand to more guests from Japan when the convention gets bigger.