We regret to announce that Liberty City Anime Convention 2020 has been cancelled in light of the Covid Pandemic. We respect the guidelines put forward by the CDC and want to act in the best interest of our attendees and our guests to maintain your health and safety.

We apologize for keeping you waiting on this announcement, as is the case with many other conventions, we have to work with the hotel to determine how cancellation will work and unfortunately that communication takes time.

All those who have pre-registered for a 2020 badge will automatically have their badge transferred to the 2021 event. Please reach out to us at www.libertycityanimecon.com/contact with any questions you have.

We look forward to an even better Liberty City Anime Convention in 2021!


Register right now for $60.00.

Super-low full 3-day price.

You can register online, or at the convention.

Can't register soon? Here are our future prices:
$35.00      Weekend Registration      November 23 - 30, 2019
$40.00      Weekend Registration      November 30 - Dec 25, 2019
$45.00      Weekend Registration      December 25 - Feb 15, 2020
$50.00      Weekend Registration      February 15 - May 10, 2020
$55.00      Weekend Registration      May 10 - Jun 1, 2020
$60.00      Weekend Registration      Starts Jun. 1, 2020

The convention dates: August 26 - 29, 2021

Tickets are NOT refundable and can NOT be transferred between people.

Liberty City Anime Con might sell out of tickets in advance.

For a one day pass, use a promo code from below.
$40 Friday promo code: FRIDAY
$55 Saturday promo code: SATURDAY
$40 Sunday promo code: SUNDAY
* Get a huge discount by ordering a weekend pass and joining us for multiple days.

Registration for our New York anime convention is available on this page. We are very excited to be holding our convention in August this year. We have worked hard to secure the most discounted space for our convention, so that we can offer reasonable admission prices.

All attendees admitted to Liberty City Anime Con will be required to have on them at all times a "badge" for their admission. This is a sort of wearable ticket that can be purchased in advance online, or at the convention. Badges will not be mailed in advance, and all advanced purchases will pick theirs up at the door.

Do I need to pre-register?
Do it! We have to limit the number of attendees admitted the third year to the first 6,000 people approximately, so pre-registration is the only way to guarantee your way in. We encourage you to pre-register right now, though we will keep the website updated as to how full we expect the convention to be and if we expect to sell out.

Can I support the work of Liberty City Anime Con Inc. without attending?
We would love your support, and you are welcome to become a supporter. You can support at any level from $10 to $500 for individuals, and $500 to $5000 for corporations. Supporting membership to Liberty City Anime Con lasts for one year and does not include admission to the convention. Your contributions go towards the operating costs of holding our annual convention and helps further our efforts to promote manga and anime. Liberty City Anime Con Inc. is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to Liberty City Anime Con Inc are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Purchasing a ticket to attend the convention is not considered a contribution as you are receiving something (admission) in exchange.

What about refunds or transfers if I can't make it?
All of the proceeds from registration support our mission to promote anime, reading manga, and Japanese cultural appreciation. Because of tax related rules regarding this, we are not able to offer any refunds for badges purchased. You also may not, under any circumstance, transfer a badge to another person. At other conventions in New York, scalpers have purchased a large number of badges to "sell out" an event, and then resold them at higher markups. Because each badge is tied to your name, only you can pick it up. You can not resell it nor give it away to anyone. To keep the system secure and safe for everyone, we can not make any exceptions.

What is included with my registration?
Registration covers everything you need to attend the convention. All main convention events, including concerts, panels, reading manga, cultural demonstrations, video rooms, are included in this. The only things that may cost extra money are shopping from vendors and artists, and any tournaments or raffles that offer prizes.