We are excited to present you with one of the most complete events lists of any anime convention in the area. We are proud to plan to host over 100 panels and events covering as many series and fandoms as we can support. We are happy to present our mainstage events as an opportunity to show off costumes, meet guests, socialize, and have fun. All events are included with the cost of your registration.


Convention Hours

Dealers & Artists
Friday1pm - 8pm
Saturday   10am - 7pm
Sunday10am - 4pm
Events & Panels
Friday3pm - 1am
Saturday   10am - 1am
Sunday10am - 5pm

Panels, Workshops, and Discussions

A majority of the programming at our annual convention consists of panels submitted by participants or hosted by our invited industry representatives. These panels can cover a wide variety of subjects, such as the state of the anime and manga industries to how to get involved in the industries yourself, to reviews of popular graphic novels, manga or anime.

Cosplay Contests

Our costume contest, judged by top costumers from around the country, is your chance to show off your costumes and compete for the prizes ranging from Best Performance and Best Craftsmanship to the coveted Best in Show. Register at the event in person. |

Masquerade Rules | Online signup is available when the con is between 60 and 2 days from now. You can sign up at the con until we're full.

Musical Events

We have several fantastic of musical events, including several concerts, dances, balls, and events. We are proud to present events like a Nerdy Hip-Hop rap concert and an elegant Formal Ball, complete with formal dance lessons.

Fan Panels and Events

We have tons of fan panels and events submitted by fans and our own staff alike. These events make up the backbone of our convention, supporting any fandom that would like to join us. Examples range from "Fanfiction 101" and "Dante's guide on how to pick up women" to "Who's Line is it Anime?" and "Learn the Hare Hare Yukai". These are just a few example of fan panels, and we welcome you to submit yours when we open submissions.

Video Gaming

We will have an epic area filled with arcade games like Dance Dance Revolution and multiple large-format LCD screens for everything from first-person-shooters to Japanese fighters - with tournaments scheduled all weekend long.

Artists Alley

Our artists alley is the chance for you to come see some cool handmade artwork and special crafts. Artists come from around the world to show off their work, meet their fans, and make new fans.

Dealers Room

The Liberty City Con Dealers Room features almost a dozen vendors selling everything a fan could want to see or buy. This is your opportunity to stock up on all kinds of anime swag to fill your bedroom with. Buy plushies, posters, DVDs, manga, and more in our dealers room.

Tons of Guest Events

We have numerous Q&A sessions, workshops, and autograph signings with our many guests of honor. This is your opportunity to meet members of the anime industry, famous authors, voice actors, directors, and more. They will be able to educate you on everything that goes on behind the scenes in the world of anime, manga, and Japanese culture.

Nightly Dances

We have an electronic dance every night of the convention. Bring your glowsticks and come party. Our dances will have some cool lighting, big subwoofers, and great DJs, so come join us for a great party.

The Magic 8-Ball

The Magic 8-Ball is our formal dance. Join us in your most formal outfit and dance to music including Waltzes, slower stuff, maybe some swing music, and more. We aren't too picky on the dresscode, but we ask that you try for a minimum of business casual. That is, no sandals, shorts, t-shirts, etc. Help us make this an elegant affair!

Generate: Cosplay Magazine Photography

Generate will be the official convention photographers of Liberty City Anime Con. Generate will also feature several of their awesome cosplayers during the convention.

Much More

A full list of events will be published closer to the convention. In the meantime, please check out the rest of our website and our Facebook page for more information.

Vendors Room

Autograph Area

Fan Run Panels