cosplay plans

Hey guys, so I'm gonna either cosplay Shizuo (Durarara), Spirit Albarn (Soul Eater), and my new Secret Cosplay. Or just my secret cosplay each day. I haven't decided yet though. Can't wait to see everyone!
Aug 11, 15 at 10:54pm
ah this is going to be my very first con and so i've decided to cosplay Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul! :-)
glad to see everyone's cosplaying and what not but its too bad we can't manage any photoshoots because no one seems to be cosplaying from the same series so far xD
Feb 23, 16 at 8:27pm
Hey! I'm new to conventions and this will only be my second one!! So here are my cosplay line up I don't know for which day yet: -Nishinoya Yuu (Haikyuu!!) -Virgo (Fairy Tail) -Kiyoko Shimizu or Hitoka Yachi (Haikyuu!!) I really want to take ship pictures with an asahi but I don't have anyone xc let me know if you're cosplaying as asahi!!
Mar 05, 16 at 2:02pm
I'm going with a group of friends so our cosplays will change depending on the day. Some are still unsure but for the most part: Mika/Yuu/Male!Krul (OnS) Psyche/Delic (DRRR!) [i spy another shizuo cosplayer winkwonk] Add (PT)/Add (AT) from the game Elsword Kido & Shintaro (Kagepro) Possibly Hinata (Haikyuu!) and Donnel (FE) but those are merely possibilities Lookin forward to meeting everyone <3
Mar 05, 16 at 3:21pm
Yoooo I'm the one going with Lavshire^^^ I don't know which day is gonna be which but I'm going as Yuu-chan (ONS), Male!Krul (ONS), and my third costume choices are: - Hinata (HQ!!) - Yagami Riku (PoS) - I wanna get together a Younger!Shinya (ONS) outfit but idk if i can finish it. - I can go as Kaneki too if I can get this wig under control. --i just realized that i can actually go as levi from attack on titan too if anyone wants
jd5 @jd5 commented on cosplay plans
Sep 23, 16 at 3:42pm
I might be going as Akane from the Zero Escape series.
Jul 16, 17 at 10:22pm
Heyyy I just got my tickets for this con Ill probably be cosplaying kate bishop hawkeye! Just wondering if there are any marvel fans/cosplayers out there.
I'm most likely cosplaying Glaceon, Pidge, And Pearl(SU)
For this year liberty anime 2017 i am going to be cosplaying as kaneki from tokyo ghoul. All i am missing is the wig and the jacket, hope i can get it by the 18.
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