cosplay plans

Who's cosplaying what this year? I'm thinking of possibly cosplaying Takuto from Star driver, Ikazuchi no Fusanoshin from Onmyou Taisenki and CC from code geass this year (: I'll be there all weekend !!
I don't normally do anime cosplay. I was thinking of redoing my Poison Ivy and doing a Harley Quinn - Disney crossover. I may do Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck from Bleach, or a Pokémon.
Helloooo well, I'm actually going to cosplay Grell Sutcliff. I cosplayed him last year, but this year I hope to be better :)
This should be interesting xD So far it looks like over 700 people are coming, so that's over 700 cosplays to look forward to <3
Jul 18, 15 at 9:05pm
I'm planning on cosplaying Rin Matsuoka from Free! If all goes as planned, there will be a Haru cosplayer accompanying me as well~ ^^
That'll be awesome :D Can't wait to see !!
Jul 26, 15 at 8:26pm
HIIIII! I'll be cosplaying steampunk ursula and my aunt will be, of course, ariel! can't wait to see what others are there!!!!!!
Jul 27, 15 at 3:08pm
So far I am planning child Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball and Rio from Burn Up W.
That steampunk idea sounds awsome !! I hope to find you and take a picture (: Literally a month from today !! LCAC count down woot !!
Hey just found out about this con. I'll be attending and cosplaying as Natsu from Fairy Tail, and Bell Cranel from is it wrong it pick up girls in a dungeon. Just wondering if there is any word on a Fairy tail photo shoot or anything, would love to be apart of it but if not maybe we can start one! :) hope to see alot of awesome cosplays and see alot of photos going up see you all there!
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