We regret to announce that Liberty City Anime Convention 2020 has been cancelled in light of the Covid Pandemic. We respect the guidelines put forward by the CDC and want to act in the best interest of our attendees and our guests to maintain your health and safety.

We apologize for keeping you waiting on this announcement, as is the case with many other conventions, we have to work with the hotel to determine how cancellation will work and unfortunately that communication takes time.

All those who have pre-registered for a 2020 badge will automatically have their badge transferred to the 2021 event. Please reach out to us at www.libertycityanimecon.com/contact with any questions you have.

We look forward to an even better Liberty City Anime Convention in 2021!

Age requirement


Does anyone know if you have to be a certain age to get in? I'm aware it may sound sort of idiotic to some of you but I want to go with a few of my friends alone and we're all under 18. Will they stop us from coming in?


The convention itself is not age-restricted as far as I know, but there will be age-restricted events.

Jul 29, 15 at 11:59pm

According to one of the organizers, he told me "Yes, under 18 is fine. Badges will be picked up at the convention, and they can bring an id OR a printed confirmation email OR a school ID."

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