Anyone willing to let a fellow bunk in their guestroom?


I am going to be attending this Augusts convention in NYC, but my budget is a little tight unfortunately. Its my first event so I would love to stay the 3 days.
Please pardon my discourtesy, but would anyone be willing to let me stay at their guestroom? I can throw in some money. I am also a 18 year old male, I don't mind co-ed but I leave that for you to decide. Anyways I thank anyone who responds. Ill catch ya'll at the convention, and hopefully for the full 3 days :D!


I'm down, whats your email ?


Ayyyy I really appreciate the help mate but I booked a room at a cheap hotel haha.
Good looking out though, Ill see you at the convention man to thank you for offering. =D
<--- Badge is gonna have my Username.

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