AnimeCon Staff

Aug 22, 16 at 4:52pm
Let me first start off by saying that the majority of the staff on hand was amazing! This is my first time @ AnimeCon. I decided to go because my 11 year old daughter wanted to go. We were having a great time, up until Sunday when we encountered two of the most unstable staff at this event. There was a concert rehearsal of a band (I'm not familiar with) The Asterplace. The door was closed, there wasn't a staff member stationed outside to tell patrons whether or not to enter or what was going on. Not understanding how all of this was supposed to work, I opened the door and went inside with my 11 year old, to see if I can locate a staff to ask whether or not people were aloud to enter. My boyfriend stood in the doorway to wait for me. I located a staff on the opposite side of the exit door and asked if we were aloud to enter. He immediately reacted as if the President was in the room and he was the secret service and told us no one was aloud inside. Fine, I turned to exit out of the door I came in from and this rather large caucasian staff member, wearing a knitted black beanie and black glasses is right on my heels literally SCREAMING telling my boyfriend to "get out"(several times.) I turned to see what her problem was, and I guess by my reaction she thought she'd clarify why she was acting insane. She said she wasn't talking to me, but to the guy in the doorway. I then told her, he is with me and waiting for me at the door (he did not even enter the room. He was waiting in the doorway for me to come back) If this is how staff is supposed to treat people, I don't think I will return. This one staff member ruined an otherwise fun weekend. I find her behavior deplorable. I'm a 47 year old grown woman, who does not appreciate having people in my party scolded by a young kid. After this experience, I don't think I'm interested in returning. It's a shame that two people can ruin an entire weekend.
I am not staff, but it's really a shame that those 2 has ruin the con for you. Most of the staff that I've spoken with were mostly pleasant. I've already pre-registered for next year. Hopefully the staff could get most of their act together by then cause I really don't want them to fail. Danny
Sep 13, 16 at 10:06am
That experience sounded like it really sucked, I'm sorry to hear it. I was a staff member during the con and let me tell you, working three days straight and often times long hours can leave a few people a little unhinged. Still, it's not an excuse for what you experienced. I personally do hope you reconsider coming next year. Since the convention is only going to get bigger and better. LCAC can only go up from here and from the generous efforts of everyone in charge of getting this set up, I'm almost positive that you'll enjoy yourself this time. ~Emmy
Sep 20, 16 at 5:42pm
Thanks for responding guys! Don't get me wrong, there were so many staff members that I adored! GREAT people. Trust me, I once worked 8 years in retail and I know people can suck. But, I do not take out my frustrations on anyone so I know what you mean EmmyBear =) Unfortunately one person left a bad taste in my mouth. I am however considering going because my daughter LOVED it, hopefully this experience will be more positive. xo
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