New To Conventions

Hello. This will be my first official time going to a convention for three days. My friend and I want to dorm at the hotel but it's really pricey. Secondly, I heard there are cosplay 'meet-ups' where you cosplay as something and take pictures from a certain fanbase? I was trying to see if there was a schedule but can't seem to find anything? If anyone could help and maybe give me a few tips as I'm not sure what to expect and also help me with the hotel issue? I'm sorry I'm asking a lot but I'm so clueless... Thank you :D
Hey, I know how you feel! Going to a convention for the first time is both exciting and a bit bewildering. As someone who knows the struggle of finding a place to stay in NYC, let me make a few suggestions, and hopefully, they will help. 1. NYC at night can be a bit dangerous, however, the convention is held in Times Square where a lot of cops are stationed and there are always lights on and people on the streets. So please keep safety in mind when looking for a place to stay. 2. NYC has a whole lot of taxes, meaning that you can find an affordable place to stay but you should expect to pay that same amount over again just in taxes alone, do to 9/11. 3. Hostels are an option, but they do not guarantee safety, privacy, or vacancy. 4. Staying across the river in NJ is always an option, but keep in mind the bus system, and if you plan to stay at the convention all day till it closes at 2 am (most panels at this time are for those over 18 yrs old) study the bus route you would need to take and what time they stop running. (I live right across from Manhattan in NJ, so I know the bus I have to take back home stops running from Port Authority at 1 am). For info about NJ buses in and out of NYC, go to So those are some things to keep in mind when trying to find a place to stay. Just one last thing on the subject, please keep safety in mind. As for the cosplay meet-ups, your best bet for info is on the forums. The schedule for the convention usually comes out about 3 wks in advance. You could also always email the convention workers. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. My email is My name is Suzanne, I'm 25, and as you read I'm in NJ, I'm also a college student. I hope you have a wonderful time at Liberty City Anime Con!
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